Feb. 18—27, 2023

Hello, thank you so much for committing to pray for YTH WKND this year. I’ve seen God do amazing things at events like this, and I know that it rarely has anything to do with lights, games, or even smooth logistics. If God is going to move, it’ll be according to His will, and as a response to the sincere, fervent prayer of His people.

God can save, call, or challenge our students at any time, on any day, at any place. But I believe the reason we see Him move so powerfully at events like this one is because we’ve consecrated these 3 days for Him. For these 3 days, we’ve set aside our time, our energy, and our attention specifically to hear from Him and worship Him. So we’re not expecting big things just because we planned an event. We’re expecting a move of His Spirit because that’s what happens when God’s people consecrate themselves. (Joshua 3:5)

That being said, if you would, set aside a special time each day for the next 10 days.
Set a reminder on your phone to prompt you every morning to head to this list and lift up that day’s focus. We’re so excited to see how God honors the prayers of His people. (James  5:16)
— Zack Jernigan, Youth Pastor at Westside Baptist

YTH WKND 2023 Prayer Guide

Day 1 - Feb 18th

Begin these 10 days of prayer by asking God to prepare the hearts of our students to hear from Him and respond in faith. If you know some of them by name, please lift them up specifically. Scripture says that no one can come to Christ unless they’re drawn by the Father. Ask the Lord to bless them, grow them, comfort them, challenge them, convict them, and call them. (John 6:44)

Day 2 - Feb 19th

Ask the Lord to speak through the teaching of His Word, in our services with Luke Harper, and in our breakout sessions with Cameron Triggs, J. Mark Johns, Mike Lane, Jordan Massey, and David Chauncey. Pray that the Holy Spirit would filter every word spoken across a microphone. Ask that the scriptures would reveal our hearts and our need for His grace. Ask that God would be honored and pleased with our worship times, and that He’d use Clint and the band to point our students towards Jesus. (John 4:24)

Day 3 - Feb 20th

The big day is getting closer! Registration is closed, but youth staff and volunteers from 10 different churches are working hard on the final details. Pray for the final days of
preparations, that our teams would be focused and attentive to every detail. Ask the Lord to help everyone think calmly and clearly. Pray against mini emergencies that sometimes distract us in these final days. (1st Peter 5:7)

Day 4 - Feb 21st

Some of us will be driving 3 minutes to YTH WKND, and some of us will be driving 3 hours! Ask the Lord to watch over the buses, vans, and drivers. Ask Him to keep us safe on the road. Pray that as soon as students arrive at the church, they’d feel a tangible sense of the Lord’s presence. Pray that students would be saved on the very first night, and that we’d see an outpouring of the Lord’s Spirit on our different groups. (Acts 26:18)

Day 5 - Feb 22nd

Today we’re addressing the issues of lust, pornography, and immorality. Specifically pray for Zack, that he’d be filled with grace, truth, and the Holy Spirit as he seeks to teach from God’s Word on this topic in a way that is delicate yet bold, and tactful yet firm. Pray for students who are addicted to pornography and lustful behaviors. Pray for those who’ve already compromised and could potentially feel shame that’s not constructive, that they’d repent and turn towards the restoration of the Father. (1 Peter 5:10)

Day 6 - Feb 23rd

Pray for students who are seeking to follow the Lord more closely, that they’d be sensitive to His guidance this weekend. But also pray for those who are rebelling against God, who may be coming to this event out of reluctance. Pray for non-Christian parents who may get phone
calls about spiritual decisions their kids are making this weekend, that the Lord would lead those conversations with His grace. (Romans 14:13)

Day 7 - Feb 24th

Today is the day! This weekend, students will be in small groups, worship services, breakout sessions, and they might be racing on an inflatable in the Worship Center. We know that these things can be exciting and fruitful. But we’re also asking God to bless the in-between moments where we know God can ordain eternal conversations between a student and their small group leader. Ask the Lord to orchestrate fruitful, eternal conversations all day long.
(Colossians 4:6)

Day 8 - Feb 25th

God can do anything He wants at any time. But over the years, we’ve seen him work on the last day of big events like this in powerful ways. When we set aside time to hear from Him and cover that consecrated time in prayer, He responds according to His will. Today, please pray specifically for the gospel response. Ask God to save lost students. (2 Corinthians 6:2)

Day 9 - Feb 26th

Today, most of our guests from out of town are back at their own churches. We’re asking God to do something at YTH WKND that will follow our students back to their home churches and have repercussions for years to come. Ask God to cause that fervor to spread from the youth ministry across every generation of the church. (1 Timothy 4:12)

Day 10 - Feb 27th

YTH WKND is officially over, but today is one of the most crucial days for prayer. After an exciting weekend that’s drawn on their energy, emotions, and spiritual convictions, now our students are back home. Today is the day that resolutions are tested. Temptation is coming after them in fresh waves. Ask the Lord to draw them close to Him, to His Word, and to a
growing relationship with Him over the next several days and weeks! (1st Corinthians 10:13)