Whether you agree or not, America is Imploding right before our very eyes. I think the events of recent days bears out this statement. Today I googled the phrase “decline of America” and the results are startling….270,000,000 articles, books, posts, and video lectures on this subject.

The most recent pessimistic confrontational relationship between the White House, news media, social media, and big tech companies has reached an all time high. Add to all this the impeachment, demonstration on the capital, and the internal strife dividing both major political parties and it is easy to see why the average American, regardless of political affiliation, is feeling insecure about the future of our nation at this time.

We cannot deny that America is in a downturn in many ways. This leads us the the question, “Why is America Imploding”? We find many articles, scriptures, and sermons that may help in explaining what is going on and what we can expect.

One of the best explanations I have run across is a 25 minute message by Dr. Robert Jeffress, the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas. This was posted by Dr James Dobson of the Family Institute. If you do nothing else this week I encourage you listen for 25 minutes to see why America is Imploding. Continue to pray, trust and look to Jesus for his discernment.

In summary, no matter how high or low the state of America, we need to always be in the process of preparing for the judgement and the next world where all Christians will dwell forever with God. We should strive to make America Christian again by praying for its spiritual revival, by proclaiming the good news to Americans who have not yet heard or responded. We should prepare our hearts, prepare our family & friends for the time when all nations will be judged and those found faithful will live on continually ascending into the everlasting presence and knowledge of God and His Son, Jesus Christ (John 17:3).