FGBC has received the following letter from Dr. Jeffrey Haglund, Lead Missional Strategist, North Central Florida Baptist Association which may be of interest to our church family.

“Dear Association Member;

“The Protect Human Life Florida team will be hosting a one-time prescreening of Roe V. Wadea movie that tells the untold story behind the landmark Supreme Court decision that has affected multiple generations of men and women, as well as counted for the loss of over 63 million children in the United States. 
You can view a complete movie trailer here

We will be hosting a pre screening at The Rock of Gainesville on Friday, April 16th at 7:00 PM. You can secure your seat with a $10 donation per person. If you plan to attend, you can make your donation here, and then we will follow-up with additional details. 

Please invite your church members, family, and friends, as this will also be an opportunity not only to watch a critical movie, but Mark Minck will also share a brief update on the citizen-led initiative for the Human Life Protection Amendment and what lies ahead for the remainder of the year.  

If you have any questions about this event, please send them to my admin@HumanLifeFL.com address. Or call your Association office at 352-373-5030.
Thank you and hope to see you on April 16th!”


Dr. Jeffrey Haglund

Lead Missional Strategist

North Central Florida Baptist Association

2630 NW 39th AvenueGainesville, FL  32605
EMAIL: Jeffrey.ncfba@gmail.com352-373-5030 (office)605-270-4190 (cell)

Take a few moments and watch the movie trailer, “Roe V. Wade” below: