These are Troubled Times.

As we navigate these troubled times a lot of questions come to our minds. What is wrong with this world? We find all want to blame it on the economic system, the education system, government, welfare, corporate privilege, declining morality, fundamentalist religion, and on and on. Seems like everyone has their idea of what’s wrong with the world.

Read Romans 1:18-32

When we read verse 18 we begin to see a picture of why there is so much trouble in our world. The fundamental problem that we face today is the wrath of God against the sinful man. All our sin, from the greatest to the smallest, is in direct opposition to the holiness and righteousness of God. We are seeing his righteous response to our sin as a holy wrath. This isn’t a passive, impersonal, mechanical response. No, this is the active, righteous, personal fury of a holy God against our sin. This is the wrath that the unbelieving world is under in today’s troubled times.

Who is in Charge?

In our troubled times that seems out of control it is good to know that God is in control. Jesus is on the Throne of Heaven.

Read Mathew 28: 18-20

Jesus has authority over nature. He can calm the storm. Jesus has authority over sickness and disease. He made the blind to see, deaf to hear, and lame to walk. Jesus has authority over the devil and demons. He rebuked the demons and they had to flee. Jesus has authority over sin and death. He rose from the grave! Jesus has authority over His church and over the lives of His children. Submit every area of your life, all your dreams and plans to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. As a church, we submit to His authority as well.

What to Do?

Trust Jesus! Be saved, and if saved, strive to make him the Lordship of your life, follow the commandants. The scripture above is known as the Great Commission of which we are told to follow and do. In these times we are challenged to talk to people about Jesus. God did not give us the good news gospel to keep to ourselves. Today, we talk about everything else! Politics, sports, football, grandkids. If it is in you, it is going to come out of you! Jesus loved all the world, not just some people. His death on the cross is sufficient for all people, but only efficient for those who believe. You are never alone. Ask God to show you someone who is hurting and in need. The below short 1 minute video highlights what we should be doing right now in these troubled times. This video was recorded by Dr. Adrian Rogers just hours before he was hospitalized with pneumonia. Listen to these his final teaching words. Never more fitting than today…