Charlotte Diggs Moon, born December 12, 1840, in Albemarle County, Virginia

Attended Albemarle Female Institute

In 1873, Lottie joined her sister in Tengchow, China. She served 39 years as a missionary, mostly in China’s Shauntung province.

She wrote many letters challenging southern Baptists to send more workers and support them through prayer and giving.

The first Christmas offering in 1888 collected over $3,315 and was enough to send three new missionaries to China.

In 1912, following years of plague, famine, revolution, and war, Moon shared her food and money to anyone with need, causing a decline in her health. Weighing only 50 pounds, fellow missionaries urged her to return to the United States. She died enroute; in the harbor of Kobe, Japan on December 24, 1912 at the age of 72.

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