FGBC partnering with MovieGuest, is hosting 2 FREE movies in 2 back-to-back days for you and your families watching pleasure.

Is this really a FREE online movie night? What’s the catch? are really FREE. There is no charge to watch these live showings. We always encourage viewers, if they love the films, to share about the viewing on social media and with your friends. Also, please consider purchasing a physical or digital copy of the movie for your personal collection.  Finally, we often provide an opportunity to donate to front-line organizations which work in similar areas that are covered in these films, but your gift is not required to enjoy the movie.

Can I share the link to this page with family and friends to sign up? Yes! Please share away.

To obtain your FREE Movies, preview the flyer below and click to sign up for your free movies. We trust these movies will be a blessing to you, your family and friends. Feel free to share via social media. God Bless.