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The Church in Ephesus

American Worldview Inventory 2022-23 offers a groundbreaking study of the worldview of American parents and pastors-and its findings are devastating for the future of our nation.

 We’re seeing a worldview crisis among today’s parents. The research shows that 2/3 of parents of preteens claim to be Christian, but only 2% actually have a biblical worldview. A stunning 94% of parents hold a muddled worldview known as “Syncretism.” And very few parents even have the worldview development of their children on their radar.

And the worldview picture among American pastors isn’t much better. Only 37% of all Christian pastors-and only half of Evangelical pastors-have a biblical worldview. And the least biblically centered pastor, by a substantial margin, serve as Children’s or Youth Pastors.



The bottom line? Those most responsible for worldview education are woefully ill-equipped for the task.

Veteran researcher Dr. George Barna shares his many findings, but he also points the way forward, identifying the “must haves” when it comes to restoring the worldview of our nation-“The Seven Cornerstones of the Biblical Worldview.” And he shows us where to start-with the nation’s children and their parents.

Here is a link to the article we talked about in the November 19, 2023 class, “Is Hell Real?”

The article title is, “Faith is Like a Muscle and Needs to be Exercised” and is found here.