Pastor’s Corner: “Are You Devoured By the Wilderness?” by Pastor Dennis Tabor

Jul 18

Numbers 14

Every one of us has had his or her own wilderness. If not- It’s coming!

How long did you stay there?

So many people are like the Israelite people at KADASH-BARNEA Learn more about this word (opens in a new tab) , “backsliding in heart”, or filled with unbelief.

Some admit it to God, confess, and move on.

Some won’t because of pride or fear.

Pride won’t allow them to bend the knee or bow the head.

Some become comfortable in their sin:

Like the old analogy: Put a frog in a pan of boiling water…he will jump out quickly-

Put that same frog in a pan of cold water, set in on a hot burner, slowly turn up the heat and that frog will lie there, get comfortable, and cook to death.

Be careful in your sin:

Some find themselves satisfied where they are, and see no reason to make waves or rock the boat.

Here is our God:

  1. Long suffering Numbers 14:11-18

  2. Great in mercy Numbers 14:18

  3. Forgiving sin Numbers 14:20

  4. And He will not clear the guilty without confession

All God’s long-suffering mercy and love will not permit Him to bless men while they continue in sin and rebellion.

Wandering in the desert

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