Deacon Maj. Jack Patton (Ret.)



Brother Jack Patton and wife Loye are faithful servant leaders to the Forest Grove family. They are much loved for their godly devotion and leadership to the Pastor, church body, committees, and community.
Brother and Sister Patton beautifully fulfill the biblical qualifications set forth in 1 Timothy as they set an example for the church to follow.
In 2001, after retiring from a 22 year US Army Military career, the couple settled back in the area they knew and loved as home. The couple have 2 sons, JJ Patton, Jr. and Anthony Patton and 4 grandchildren.
In addition to serving as Forest Groves’ deacon, Brother Jack serves as the Worship Leader and on various committees. Sister Loye has spent the past 15 years devoting her talents to beautifying the church through it’s decoration and serves on various committees.
Forest Grove thanks them for their leadership and servant hood as they point people toward Jesus Christ.